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Agnieszka Bartosiak

I'm an English teacher in the primary school in Kłodzko. It's about 50 kilometres far from my place of living - Głuszyca (Lower Silesia). At the moment I am on maternity leave as I have a lovely baby boy :-)

Before I settled in Poland three years ago, I had been living and working in the UK for about 6 years. And I really enjoyed that time! No stress at work, always happy people around, lots of free time and interesting places to go sightseeing... I visited North Wales (with my favourite Snowdon), Lake District and Scotland, London and south part of England i.a. Stonehenge (vastly overrated). In the meantime, I've done a course in accounting at one of the UK collage.

As far as my IT skills are concerned, I must admit that I am quite familiar with computers. However, some tasks like creating website could be quite a challenge for me.