Omer Abashar

Super Master Job Creator in Brooklyn NY

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Omer is a social entrepreneur, inventor, and mechanical engineer. He has experience in eight different fields and is an extremely efficient learner. Omer moved to the United States 25 years ago with the goal of creating jobs for his people in Sudan, but the US government imposed a sanction on Sudan in 1997, which completely shifted his thinking towards finding innovative solutions to the global unemployment problem.
Omer Abashar was an undocumented immigrant for 17 years (1989 - 2006), which adds significantly to his story and ambition. Job creation is his passion because his late father used to help people with jobs and employment when Omer was a child, leaving a positive mark on his heart.
Omer was making $300 to $400 a day fixing cars in his country, Sudan, before deciding to come to the US. His plan was to work hard, make money, and ship equipment to Sudan to expand his auto mechanic business and create jobs at the same time.
His power to generate sufficient ideas, unlimited imagination, illegal status, sincere desire to help people, and hard work all combined to inspire him to become an expert in job creation and establish the first job creation company on the planet.
Omer Abashar was inspired with the idea of creating jobs in 1995 when he realized the substantial potential of the field. Not only is it a strong area, but it also helps million of people worldwide by providing them with jobs.
Omer is a master job creator, but that does not discount the efforts and pains required to gain this title.

1) 25 years difficult away from family in and 17 years of living without legal status.

2) Over ten career changes throughout the years due to a propensity to learn quickly.
3) More than ten business failures.

4)Omer Abashar has helped Over 170 people to open and own their small businesses, mostly around the New York City area, since 1993.


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