vato abashidze

Georgia, Tbilisi

My Name is Vato Abashhidze (I am a doctor by profession)
I suddenly started drawing sketches of futuristic furniture by ballpoint pen ( I drew 1700 ballpoint artwork in a week . At this moment I have as many as 5000 strange sketches and none of them is the same).I can'not understand why wandet to draw sill skatchhes of futuristic runniture.As I I know the world is a unique case and this is world record in art.
these sketches you can see here (on the wall)
size of all my sketches is(width 10 meter and 1meter heigth ) .
also blog of my sketches :

In 2003 year at the office of a local magazine magazine ,,phenomenon'' I multiplied :2 357 200 314 X 1 463 178 532 = 3 449 044 895 068 459 048 (two ten digit number multiplication ) by mental calculation . then this, too, was an official world record in mental calculation.

also information about my sketches and about my mental calculation world record has been published in Georgian newspapers and magazines;
(,,gza''magazine-May 6-8,2004)
about me, about my art and about my mental calculation abilities You can see documentary film ,, Phenomenon'’.( which was made several years ago ).this documentary film also is here on my Gallery.

After 2 years ago I began to feel the different colors on the new and began to create color images(abstract art ), and I painted 9000 abstract art paintings .As i know This is also a unique case and this is also world record in art.
You can see here :

With great respect and good wishes for you

Vato Abashidze
my paintings in interior
Also I want to thank google ,
because they chose me out of many artists and art gallery in the whole world, and given me the right to use its new product ,,google open gallery'' one of the first who started the gallery on their platform. I really appreciate it .
Also big thank you ,,google'' that you have such a good attitude to the ordinary users.

welcome on my art Gallery on Google Open Gallery

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