Amanda Batcher

I started dressing up like Dolly Parton at the age of two. Big blonde wig, lipstick, even pillows stuffed in my shirt for boobies. Dolly was my glamour icon. Over the course of my childhood, there were many pictures taken of me painting my nails, primping my dolls, and putting towels on my head to create imaginary flowing locks of hair. There is even a video of me on my fifth Christmas where I am arranging my gifts and gleefully exclaiming “makeup, makeup and MORE makeup!” Take that makeup-loving little lady and fast forward a few decades. Those pillow boobies and the imaginary-towel-hair have turned into shape-wear and hair extensions. My glamour icon has gone from Dolly Parton to...oh who am I kidding, Dolly will always be everything. That little two year old girl who loved all things fancy has turned into a woman immersed in the business of beauty. Decades later, I work as a model and I freakinstinkin love my job. Beauty Batches is a blog by me, Amanda Batcher, a plus-size model who has picked up beauty tips galore while working with beauty experts in the fashion industry. Here, you'll find yourself peering through the looking glass into my journey of discovering how physical beauty and inner beauty support each other, and how celebrating one ignites the other. Why does Beauty Batches demand to be written? As human beings, we are innately drawn to beautiful things. Throughout time, all the way back to ancient cultures, people have celebrated human beauty through adorning themselves. Nowadays, our culture has created a teeny tiny little mold of what is considered beautiful, with a super giant voice telling us exactly what that looks like. I think this leaves most of us feeling ashamed and judgmental of exactly how far we fall from that ideal in any given way. Wouldn't it be totally rad if we could adorn ourselves and enjoy our physical loveliness, not because it will get us closer to that ideal, but because it feels good, it's fun, and it honors and celebrates our innate love of beauty? I am surrounded by professionals whose art is seeing and highlighting the visual beauty of a human being. In this blog I will share the things I'm learning from working along side experts of their craft. You will read behind the scenes secrets and tricks of the trade from those who know fancy best. You'll even get tips straight from the horses mouth with frequent guest blog posts from all kinds of beauty experts. Welcome to the Batches!