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Abayomi C. Bryant, Jr

I'm the director of Patents and Designs at Abayomi. I'm also the inventor of the Abayomi Tester Body (US 8234928 B) and CEO of Abayomi. I've spent the better part of two decades working as a plumber, electrician, carpenter or a general contractor . In addition to my regular work, I have advised and invested in a small portfolio of companies looking to create compelling human experiences.Originally from Upstate New York, I've had the opportunity to live and work in Copenhagen, Tokyo, and Stockholm, ultimately settling down in San Francisco. I left design in 2001 to spend three years as a line cook under Chefs Michael Mina and Laurent Manrique at Aqua. These days I mostly cook for my family.Previously: artificial intelligence researcher, Tcl/Tk developer, collegiate fencer. Currently: avid runner, politics junkie and the delighted father of a spirited three-year old boy.