Nadeem A. Ahmed

Growing up I had always held the humble salesman in high esteem. It had mattered little if he were convincing someone of the ‘must-have’ new blender or a ‘throwaway’ priced downtown condo. What had captivated me and has remained with me ever since was the fiery glow he or she exuded when they truly believed in their product – and when that glow touched those around it seemed to have made everyone a little more alive – I had yearned since then to be that kind of people-pleaser.
Societal pressure however had me soon enough at medical school studying to be a dentist (I'm from India). A flicker of insight while staring down at a patient’s terrified expression crystallised in me the realisation that I wouldn’t truly be happy doing what I was doing at that moment and I knew I loved to be happy more than anything.
And that is how I came to be a salesman – just like that!
I’ve had fancy titles embellish my business cards and over the years I have evangelised different stuff, good stuff, but deep down at the heart...I’m that humble salesman I had always hoped to be...and not surprisingly I’m happy : )