Abbey LeGault

hello i am a very small 15 year old girl with brown hair. i am currently in grade 9 and l like playing sports like soccer. l can never get enough of summer and hot weather. since I love hot weather my favorite places to travel are places like mexico and jamaica. my favorite subject in school is (gasp) math. in the summer when school is done I really like to go biking, hang with friends and walk my dog. I am in love with the show vampire diaries and love smarties ice cream or pretty much any ice cream. in my family I got a mom a dad and an older brother who annoys the heck out of me. even though my brother does annoys me I do love him and am very competitive with him, that is one of the reasons i try so hard in school. one of my favorite things to do ever is read. I love reading. the books I prefer are usually mystery or adventure kind of books. my favorite of all time books are the mortal instruments, harry potter, the hunger games, his dark materials and the inheritence cycle.