Orson Cartoon

I value privacy. That's why no photographs of me exist.

Facebook and its like are eroding everything that's important, creating massive security holes and playing into the hands of criminals on both sides of the law. 1984 came and went and most people regard its dystopian horror as science fiction, an alternative, fantasy reality and now most people, relieved that we live in the real world and not the nightmare, snooping nanny-state totalitarian state that Orwell warned us about are happily supplying detailed profiles of themselves via social media so that marketing companies, political groups and anyone at all can access this and bombard us with targeted on screen advertising, physical junk mail and midnight visits from whatever Gestapo may emerge from a politically re-shaped world in the future.Is this worth it, for the sake of being "liked" by "friends" who are usually no more than other profiles, networked and ripe for the harvesting?Now would be a good time for anyone with more sense than naivety to drop off the social media bandwagon and stop allowing themselves to be manipulated. If anyone thinks this is whacky conspiracy theory, look around you. See the crap you're being bombarded with. Time to fight back before the very last shreds of privacy have gone and we all DO have the Big Brother camera in ALL our houses, for our own protection and answering our need to belong.Say no to Facebook while you still can. One day you won't have a choice.