Abbey Lovett

Hello! I'm Abbey. My peers and mentors use the word kaleidoscopic to describe me. Competing and coaching speech and debate is my passion. At the 2015 national debate championship, my team walked away with 13th place. I received first place speaker in Team Policy Debate. I'm entering my second year of coaching our local debate club, which I have found has helped me grow in leadership and debate more than anything I've ever done before. However, outside of debate I consider myself to be an entrepreneur and businesswoman. If debate has done anything for me, it has given me the opportunity and ability to communicate with people in the business world. One day, I hope to take this to the next level and start my own company. I've started pursuing this dream by facilitating my own events, and starting my own businesses. I'm all about learning through experience. As Albert Einstein says "The only source of knowledge is experience".