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Abbey Tea Ltd

Abbey Tea Ltd

Tea. Much more than just a drink.

Established in 2014, we are a UK based company specialising in the finest quality Chinese leaf tea. Having discovered and enjoyed drinking exquisite Chinese teas for a number of years we would now like to share our findings with you.

Our number one priority is to source the best quality tea at the best price.

If you are new to the delights of drinking tea or are already a discerning tea drinker and care about drinking exceptional tea at the best price, look no further.

We are passionate about quality and all our teas meet the EU standards for chemical safety and pesticides.

Our range includes green,white, black, oolong, pu erh and jasmine tea, and we only sell leaf tea sourced from tea farms and produced in the traditional way.

So start your tea journey today and enjoy an experience that will bring a sense of calmness, that refreshes and inspires the body and mind