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Abbie Caldas

Project Manager in Cologne, Germany

Greetings, I’m Abbie.

I'm currently seeking collaborative projects which focus on eco-social education, research and development, and/or capacity building.

My career includes 2 years facilitating student leadership in Vancouver, Canada; 3 years contributing to enhancing environmental networks in London, UK, and 5 years running nation-wide environmental education programmes in Bermuda.

After completing my permaculture design certificate in July 2016, I embarked on an exploration of various EcoVillages and permaculture projects throughout Europe. My goals were to learn from and add value to a range of initiatives and find inspiration from those striving to live a more balanced life.

Now based in Cologne, Germany, I hope to build on my experience, putting my skills to good use, working with passionate people, and contributing to a necessary cause.

  • Education
    • Royal Holloway, University of London
    • University of British Columbia
    • Lund University
    • University of Waterloo