Abbigail Cherry

Rhode Island, United States

A thirteen year old who really loves to act and write books. Abbigail Cherry is turning 13 on July 3rd. She has made friends cry from her talented roles of acting. This young woman would like a chance in the acting business, but her mother, Sabrina Cherry, doesn't want her acting outside of the New England area. If you have any consent contact Sabrina at Abbie has come a long way in her singing, her journey to cure her stage fright, and now wants acting to replace the hobby. Abbigail has always wanted to be an actress, but was made fun of for such a "ridiculous" dream. Soon after she said,"Know what? Who cares what they think. I'm gonna go my own way." And with that she went on with her journey. So get a good look at the pretty brunette, who loves her family and friends more than life. What do you see her as? Well not to toot my own horn, but I see her as a talented actress, who makes some cry and others happy, who will move another with her skills.

  • Work
    • beginner actress
  • Education
    • Junior High