Abby Barnett

Abby Barnett

But this part is...

I stand at 5'9 with long blonde wavy hair. (if that changes I'll make sure I'll inform you) I would say that most of the time I like to step outside my bubble with my appearance but then if I think about it I don't do it that often. Who I am runs deep and I couldn't be more grateful for the excursion the Lord has called me on to continue that path. I am called to extraordinary life, so where that leaves me is my current place. Stay connected and you will know where I am...

I think random facts sum me up the best:

-my name means "the Father's Joy", which is why I love to fight for peoples identity and who they truly are.

-I have an addiction to fruity candy. I have lost count of my cavities, at least five root canals and can we mention I have two fake teeth. Oops!

-I love the mountains, the ocean so to live where they are both are at my fingertips I would not mind.

-I could play just about any sport all day long and never get tired of it.

-I love to sing in my car at the top of my lungs

-I would have to say I am an eclectic music listener, always up for some new tunes.

-I talk to every dog I pass. Seriously why do they have to be so cute?