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Abby Elliott

Abby Elliott

1) My top strength was that I am a learner. To me this means that I am constantly trying to gather new information and apply it to my life and the world around me. Knowing a little bit is never enough, and we can learn from every situation, no matter how good or bad it may be. It is imporntant to constantly be growing and applying yourself. I identify with this strength the most because I am always trying to find new ways that I can impact the world around me. I am observant of problems and constantly trying to learn of new ways to combat these issues: both in the real world and also my personal life. This directly impacts my academic life as I am always excited for the next lecture, and trying to always gather lessons from my failures. School and education has always been among the most important parts of my life and that will probably never change. As far as my social life, I am always interested in learning things about the people I spend my time with. What they're good at, what they love. I think this helps me to build authentic relationships that otherwise are much harder to create. People know that I have an interest in them and feel loved by me.

2) Curriculum planning activities really helped me to understand what the future will look like for me. While before these days with guest speakers and full of information I was very confused at how to "do college", these three days really helped to clear up confusion and anxiety I had about the future. I learned what the next 3 semesters will look like, and I feel much more confidant in selecting classes on my own and accomplishing my goals, both short term and long term. I am more aware and more prepared for applying to the Early Childhood Education major in the spring of my sophomore year and am confidant in the structure of how my future will look, which gives more time to be more dedicated to school work to reach that goal.

3) Time Management activities were also a huge help for me. The activities really helped me to see areas where I waste the most time in my life, and have thus far helped me to be much more proactive about getting work done when I have time for it. There is always time for fun and hanging out with friends, but it is much easier to schedule that out in the evenings than to squeeze it in because I waste too much time during the week. I am able to judge what is important to do and what can wait for later or is not necessary at all.