Abby Geartner

New York City, New York

Abby is a self proclaimed comedian, who uses humor to hide the fact that your pores are crying with sweat, and your muscles burning. She comes from the sunny state of FL, But NO she did not work for Disney. While prancing and sweating in that wonderful Florida heat growing up, it's no surprise she found a love for indoor dance class and an athletic lifestyle. She moved to NY to pursue a degree in Dance from SUNY Purchase and performed both abroad and in the US as a professional modern dancer. Abby is now a certified Pilates Instructor and is continuously adding to her exercise and anatomy knowledge, don't even get her started on her anterior deltoids! She has a strong appetite...for all things fitness (and Blueberry doughnuts). She loves the feeling of accomplishment after a hard workout or run, and always tries to present that to her clients. If your looking for a challenging workout with a dash of humor, this is your lady.

  • Work
    • Trainer
  • Education
    • SUNY Purchase