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Abby McDermott

First and foremost I am a student. I am not only a classroom student, however. I am a student of the Bible. I am a student of the ways of life. I am a student of circumstances and I am a student of my peers.

I have a passion for learning. I will never be done exploring more and more about how our world works and what's in it. I have a deep desire to use the skills and talents that God has blessed me with to change the world and to make discoveries.

I love math and science. Yes, I am one of those people. Currently my career goals are to earn my PhD in Pharmacy to work in research in either development or to work in a hospital setting with direct contact to my patients.

I could be qualified as a nerd, yes, definitely. But that does not define me. I am passionate about numbers just as much as I am passionate about fashion. I would consider myself a fashionista. I live for designing and putting together trends and outfits. It fuels me and excites me. Fashion is a passion.

And those are the basics. Want to know anything more? Get to know me.