Abby Phillips

My name is Abby...some call me Abigail, Abs, Abster, babes...but mostly Abby. I am a Christ follower, a nanny, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a fighter. I am in my second year of gradaute school working on my masters in clincial mental health counseling. A month ago I considered myself a normal girl in her 20's figuring life out. In a whirlwind of a month my life changed. The future I had imagined all changed. I was engaged to be married to my best friend in two short months. He left me without explanation. I write becaue it is helping me heal. I write to share my journey. I write to ask people to rally with me. Mainly though, I write though to speak to my need and the reader's need for truth, for authenticity, for vulnerability. I am blogging to share with you my epxerience through grief and restoration. I am going to write about hard days, days of anger, days of hurting, days of pain, days of joy, days of hope, days of gratitude, days of despair. I invite everyone into my journey. Come alongside me and be apart of my story. I have no idea what is ahead or what is to come but what I do know is that my God is good and he REDEEMS. I will love again. I will forgive. I will choose mercy. I will choose grace. I will choose forgiveness. I will move forward. We will battle together because "this too shall pass".