Idalin Abby Bobe´

Oakland, CA

Idalin Bobé, referred to as Abby Bobé, is a technology activist and social entrepreneur currently working as an IT consultant at ThoughtWorks and is the founder and director of Tech Impact, a tech-focused program dedicated to bridge the digital divide amongst youth activists and develop more technical community-driven leaders to bring a revolutionary movement to the cloud.

As former Community Marketing Lead at Black Girls CODE, Ms. Bobé successfully managed a $100,000 crowdfunding campaign to help the organization educate 2,000 girls and seed fund 7 chapters across the United States. Prior to her work with Black Girls CODE, Ms. Bobé worked internationally, creating a Computing Technology Program in Tamil Nadu in South India that taught 80 school aged children and 20 women the basics of technology in order to become more efficient with growing their agriculture and creating documents for their local schools.

After Mike Brown was killed on August 9th, 2014, Bobé moved to the Greater St. Louis area near Ferguson, MO to give activists tech tools and to help manage their webpage. Working with Hands Up United, Abby envisioned and developed Tech Impact's pilot program, The Roy Clay Sr. Tech Workshop with the help of committed technologists and activists. The workshop is a six-week intensive program aimed at teaching selected St. Louis activists web development, with the goal of strengthening local, black and brown-owned businesses, as well as nonprofits and other social movements in the area.

Ms. Bobé holds an MBA from Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business focusing on Human Center Design and Social Impact, where she also studied back-end and front-end development courses in Mills' Computer Science program. Her past includes leading the building and expansion of the community partnership program, ACME Tape Saver, donating over $1 million to nonprofit organizations in the Greater Philadelphia Area and implementing marketing campaigns for multi-billion dollar companies like the Philadelphia Eagles, Procter & Gamble and Unilever during her five year tenure with Supervalu.

Starting her journey from the inner-city of North Philadelphia and being amongst one of the first members of her family to pursue education beyond middle school, Abby Bobé's journey as a tech activist is an unusual but important tale about the impact that one laptop and a lot of hard work can have.

  • Education
    • MBA, Nonprofit Management and Socially Responsible Business. 2013
    • B.S., Marketing, Minor in Applied Statistics. 2007