Abby Doerr

Hey guys my name is Abby!

Right now I am a junior (Yeah. I know. Old.) in college at The University of Georgia. I am incredibly blessed to be studying Digital and Broadcast Journalism at one of the best journalism schools in the nation, Grady College of Journalism. I am learning new things about the world and myself each and every day. I love traveling and seeing new places, eating peanut butter off the spoon, feel good movies, cozy blankets, all types of music, candles that smell like fall, antique shops, watching football, eye shadow palettes, and of course writing.

I am also passionate about hearing and telling other people’s stories, fascinated by the work that goes into the entertainment and news industries, I am definitely a dog person, a little awkward (some days more so than others), I love Target and healthy eating grocery stores, I am a firm believer in the idea that rainy days are the best days, I will try any dish that has cheese and veggies in it, and my family has my heart.

I hope this site proves to be a way for me to share and talk about things that I am passionate about, thinking about, curious about, excited about, and blown away by with ya’ll so that maybe (just maybe) you will be able to take something away from even just one of my posts!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and stay long enough to read my rambling of an introduction. I hope you stick around to read some fairly entertaining and enlightening posts about life and such.

Love always,