Abby Miner

Every one has friends that come and go; some have a big impact on your life and others who don't have much at all. We will never forget the ones that we care about the most and help us through the easy times and the hard times. One person who I will never forget was my high school basketball coach, Faith Hoyt. She not only coached me with basketball but with life as well. I knew she would always be here for me no matter what and was someone I could always look up to. She still is the absolute best positive role model I could have in my life. She taught me to always be who I wanted to be and not who others wanted me to be. She helped me to feel good about myself and how to truly live my life to the fullest and not let others ruin my happiness. I learned to let go of people who only brought me down and, through many tears and laughs, she made me realize what is important to hold on to. She showed me that I should be respected and how to treat others in return. I would not be where I am today without her guidance through my high school years. Because of her I have chosen that I too want to become a math teacher and basketball coach in the future and help those around me.