Abby Sy

Director in Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

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I am always thinking what is really matter in my life, this question is not new, already been with me for so many years. I know my answer, it is so touched when the answer come out from my mind every time. Since the answer came out first time, never change. This is also me if you know me, I am a boring person as I never change no matter how many years, answer is always same. Believed it is also the answer of lot of people. Love and happiness are really matter to me. Love is happy, never painful if it is real, if you feel painful, you know why? You don't know the heart and soul of the one you love. If you know your love dearly, you will be smiled from your heart as you know there is nobody in this Universe love you more than him/her. Painful you feel is the circumstance you are facing, such as misunderstanding, wrong perception, miscommunication, not love itself.

Hope one day, I can..

- Travel with him to anywhere he like as no matter where, I will love as is with him

- Go to those places we spent together with either happy or sad experiences because it was experiences of us, to me is valuable

- Talk in depth of anything, just open up

- Always being ourselves without hiding

- Walking...

I never change my mind since that day until the day I complete my duty here, I am always love you :)