Abi Baguio

Abi Baguio

Born on the second day of March in 1996 as Abigail Rachel Malaga Baguio, Abchel learned to dream and be passionate about the important affairs of her life at the early age of 13.

Facts about me:

1. Apart from God I am nothing.
2. I’ve been called Abchel (combination of my 2 names: Abigail + Rachel) in my highschool since second year. It’s a favorite nickname of mine made up by a dear friend.
3. I love reading inspirational books and historical and contemporary romance novels. Leslie Ludy and Sheri Rose Shepherd are my most-liked author for inspirationals; Judith McNaught and Carly Philipps for historical and contemporaries.
4. Volunteering at our church’s Sunday school is a passion I don’t plan on giving up. I’ve been in the ministry for almost 6 years now and every moment is a fulfilling one. Nothing beats the joy of being hugged and kissed, called and smiled by precious little ones.
5. I always love to dress up and dress pretty. Sweater, skirts, spectacles, and scarves are my favorite fashion pieces.
6. I enjoy buying clothes/fashion pieces at a thriftshop. Honestly, I’m fond of getting items at reduced prices. Say Booksale where I purchase good reads with cheap costs. I'm also a high-street kind of gal. H&M, F21, & Uniqlo is where I search for the latest trends.
7. Taylor Swift is my fashion icon; Paula Taylor my model idol.
8. Right now, at this very season of my life, I'm let's say I'm still figuring things out.

*There's nothing that interesting to say really about my life..but one day, I humbly promise you, there will be.

*Hope you all always have a wonderful day!


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