Kim Mowry

Student, Designer, and Artist in McDonough, Georgia

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We've been here for 15 years (founded in 2002), and our teachers have over 100 combined years of Montessori Teaching Experience. Montessori gives the kids a chance to develop the motivation, confidence, grace, courtesy and academic skills that prepare them to be successful in life! At our school students get individual attention and opportunity to set their own goals and succeed, a process they can then apply throughout their lives. Our focus on STEM prepares each of our students for a seat in the future. We teach them conflict resolution, to work as a team, and to be considerate of others and their surroundings. Our student base is very diverse representing many cultures. We teach with Christian principles, but do not have a specific religious affiliation. We treat all mankind with respect, and implore them to be good stewards. Our school also caters to those special students that may suffer from Asperger or Autism, and you can learn more about that here.

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