Lannah Sawers-Diggins

It wasn't at birth. Nup. I had a wonderful childhood and leading up to the present - I have had my share of ups and downs. But I honestly feel that my life really did begin only a few years ago. I awoke one morning (it was a birthday) with an epiphany - I suddenly realised I had to get my late father's book published. He had finished writing it shortly before his death in 1993. The manuscript then passed between my three siblings and me for the following ten or so years. When it landed in my hands for the umpteenth time I typed it out - with no idea what to do after that. On the morning of that particular birthday I knew I had to have it published - and in a hurry. I presume my mother's advancing age (late 80s) might have had something to do with that feeling. But - how do you get published? Seriously. How do you? And that minor stumbling block just might have been enough to put me off completely if not for the memory of Dad's passion for his writing, ancestry and the outback of Australia not kept nagging at me. This and Mum's pride in Dad's efforts and not seeing it come to fruition - that did it. Turning to good old google I found a self-publisher which offered exactly what I wanted. Full steam ahead. Dad's book was published exactly a week after Mum passed away in 2010.

Thus was the catalyst for my writing. It is now in my blood and I am following a life-long dream of writing and publishing books. Next off the rank was one about bullying - an advocacy which I am fighting tooth and nail. Once that was safely out I then decided to combine two of my passions - writing and the wonderful outback of Australia. My book on stations is a work in progress.

The sky's the limit and life really is great. Life couldn't be better.