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Our goal is to cover every original song released by Wilco from their inception in 1994 to June 2020. Each Wilco song will be discussed in its own episode, released in alphabetical order, starting with parentheses, then into A, B, C, etc ending with Z. Songs selected must be officially released by Wilco and be original compositions, so no covers and no songs that have leaked onto the internet without an official release, like Venus Stop The Train or Let's Fight. Alternate versions of songs, such as the remix of A Shot In The Arm, will be covered in the episode for the main version of the song. Songs that are strongly musically related such as Pure Bug Beauty with Company In My Back or When The Roses Bloom Again with Blood of the Lamb will also share episodes. Only songs credited as Wilco will be included in this podcast, so The Minus 5, Golden Smog, Uncle Tupelo, Jeff Tweedy solo, 7 Worlds Collide, Autumn Defense, etc will not be included. After a lot of back and forth, we've decided that only Mermaid Avenue where a member of Wilco is the lead singer will be included (sorry Billy Bragg!). Bonus tracks from the recent reissues of A.M. and Being There will be included, as long as they aren't Uncle Tupelo songs, covers, or songs that were originally released to the public by Golden Smog.
After careful consideration, here are the albums, singles, and compilations we're pulling from:

A.M. Deluxe Edition
Being There
Being There Deluxe Edition
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
A Ghost Is Born
The Wilco Book
Sky Blue Sky
Wilco (The Album)
The Whole Love
Speak Into The Rose EP
Star Wars
Ode to Joy
Mermaid Avenue
Mermaid Avenue Vol. II
Mermaid Avenue Vol. III
Alpha Mike Foxtrot
All Lives, You Say single
Tell Your Friends single

If you believe we've missed anything, please let us know by e-mail at [email protected]