Abdul Aziz

Jakarta-Malang, Indonesia

Too cool to become nothing, too lazy to become a legend. I'm just another soon-to-be-an adult who clumsily fight for whatever he loves. Often waste my time on something people said useless yet I love it so much. I can't express my feelings towards anyone clearly because I ain't good enough with words. Sometimes, I'm a coward, but I always loved to try anything. I also have a interest in everything so you can talk anything you like to me.

I'm still learning and trying to find what my existence really means. Is it really matter or not? Maybe you can help me find the answer?


Student of Information System of Brawijaya University

Alumni of:

SDN Pondok Kelapa 10 Pagi

SMP Negeri 139 Jakarta

SMA Negeri 71 Jakarta

Organizational Experience:

Leader of Toegalan Radio Batch 5 (2009/2010)

Leader of SMP Negeri 139 Student Council (2009/2010)

Creative Team of Celestrone's Year Book (2011)

Secretary of Sevone Cyber Team (2011/2012)

Leader of Nihon Club - Nozomi Jidai (2012/2013)

Art and Education Committee of Sisya Apratikara Vinayata Bhagin Pratyatana Sapta Eka (2012/2013)

  • Work
    • College Student
  • Education
    • Brawijaya University