Abdalfattah J Hammad


am an awesome guy ,cool,funny,dramatic,senstive,asshole sometimes , wired ,awkward , i can be good guy bad guy , am an accountant tho i hate it :'"l , like to travel tho never gone to where i relly want to go "japan" , i am naive , kind heart , i like to talk with ppl as they like to talk with me ,love rain <3 " sad clouds' .

there not alot of ppl who really understand me " sometimes its frastrating :( " . sometimes l am talkactive , sometimes i dont speak much i guess my mood is changable , never loved someone before tho "except family love ", i am shy too " but i can surprise u sometimes by doing cray cray stuff " am 23 yes old normal looking guy "tho my nose is broken so i might not be that good looking " normal body shap , am open minded as if my brain would fall out tho am straight soo guys sorry >.< .

as for my political point of view i have non , i dont talk fancy words , and am not smart arse , ppl get me wrong all the time like there this wired thing about " girls they always seems to think that i am hitting on them tho i have no idea why they think like dat ":// "

weaknesses i have multitask function which lead me for distraction , dont know much about my strength , do i want kids ? hell ya those cute adorable things >.< , do i drink ? nah i dont but like watchingg ppl get drunk "amusing'' .do i dance ? i tried to learn but i always dance like a retard >..> , am i a family guy ? nope i am worse in thoses stuff . but i guess my worse thing is that i get attach to ppl fast and i guess its kinda anoyying thing coz ppl wont share same feeling as i do ....

well that pretty much all i can think about my self at this moment hope u like me but if u dont i will hunt you in ur dreams fufufuf"evil luagh ".


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