Abdalkarem farj

I'm a Libyan guy, born in 1991 . I'm a Digital Artist, you can see my Works on Abdalkarem.deviantart.com

about me

Hi reader,

This is me in the profile's photo , My name is Abdulkarem farj Pelmishkan . I'm from a small town in Libya, its Awjilah; located in the eastern south of Libya . I'm 20 years old/male of course,

Now, I'm studying medical_Dental Faculty _ at Qaruons university in In Benghazi .

My most interest is in Art, I like to Paint,Draw and desing photos, and the world of photography as well . and I like the video and sound editting. and to be honest, I use Adobe creative collection suit for my works and projects . and I like it .

sometimes, I design webs, hacking and playing around . chat with friends and live and enjoy the life whole I'm still breathing .

details :

name: Abdulkarem farj Pelmishkan

gender: Male

hometown: Awjilah, Libya

birthday: April 14th 1991

relationship: Single

religion: islam

~| Interests :

movies : Action movies, horror movies, premiere and comedy movies

television:Top Gear. NCIS miami, The simpsons, moment of truth and others

music: Blue, rock , and Rap

books: Others

links: abdalkarem.deviantart.com