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Student in السودان

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I am Abdalla MOHAMMED YAGOUB ADAM They call me nice guy I'm not just your typical man I'm one of a kind in my own way I'm a friendly and love any person I hate being cheated!!!! and don't try to cheat me because i know myself that will comeback to you you see nicely outside but inside you didn't know me be carefully . I love any kind girl and i am not hurting anyone in my life I love and looking to be a good person in my life ''' I never hate a girlfriend so I'm not looking for but I'm waiting for the right one;;; I only have one rule when it comes to love if you can accept me and love me whatever I am and you can deal with it maybe you are the miss right that I've Been looking for all of my life don't judge me in what you see in my physical out outcome because not all what you see .. is you can Always get I'm not be good outside but try to know me more and you will see.. I'm maybe the best you can ever had that's all I can say. thank you!