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Abdalla Bushra

Khartoum, Sudan


A partner in VIVA for Computer Services

1- Working in Elmashreq College for sciences and technology as Teaching assistant from 1-December 2007 up to December 2009.
2- Training in DAMS IMPLEMENTATION UNIT in IT Department from 1September 2008 to 30 October 2008.
3- Sudanese National Information Center , Web Developer

Professional Activities :-

1- Computer Self-Reporting System

Establishing fast and different reports for the following:
• Software.
• Hardware.
• Network.

2- Hajj eSystem for khartoum state as developer
3- Developed System for following a group of schools related to the Islemic Organization-East Nile Mission (Oracle).
4- Developed system generates reports for Network, Software and hardware for dams implementation unit.
5- Developed human resource System for medium busniess
6- Developed Pharmacy Management System..
7- Project Management Program.
8- Developed Blue Nile Tv Electronic library system.
9- Store Systems


  • Education
    • Computer Information System