Abdallah ElMenoufy

Abdallah ElMenoufy

Family calls "Lalo" or "Abdallah" , friends call "Menoufy", co-workers says "7ennawy" cause of brown beard !

Do you think it's funny ! Seriously !! - Yes... I'm that kind a guy, full of sence of humor :D

On Valentine's of 2010, I got my first job at Etisalat Misr mobile network - where I first walked into the building seeing tons of RED scarfs surronded by our GREEN hulk wall paintings - to be a support engineer at the BlackBerry Office, the Brainiax team of Etisalat.

I'm friendly, social - but still a google+ loser user - looking for new cultures and people to make friendship with.

You are welcome to keep in touch via my channels below, or even PIN me @ 21C9BD42 for BlackBerry geeks.