Dr Abdalla Kablan

Abdalla Kablan is a computational finance, machine learning, and big-data analytics expert.

His interests include algorithmic trading strategies, financial analytics, artificial intelligence, dynamic optimisation, business networking, forensic analysis, and asset tracing. He is also a published researcher in these areas.

Throughout his career Dr Kablan has designed, implemented, and produced various applications such as the Intraday Seasonality Observation Model (ISOM), the Fuzzy Logic Momentum Analysis System (FULMAS), and the Asset Tracing Intelligence Framework (ATIF).

Dr Kablan assists financial institutions, private firms, and public sector entities on matters related to HFT, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and assettracing. He is also an academic lecturer and researcher at the University of Malta.

  • Education
    • PhD in Computational Finance, CCFEA, University of Essex
    • MSc in Financial Engineering, University of Bradford
    • Bsc I.T in Systems Engineering, University of Malta