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Abd Dayan

Writer, Web Developer, and Digital Marketing Agent in Amasaman, Ghana

Abd Dayan

Writer, Web Developer, and Digital Marketing Agent in Amasaman, Ghana

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I love to talk about my "outlook".

My passion is for Research and Development.
My aspiration is the skill of a Research and Development Expert.

I love to read and do research works.

My perspective in development studies, is guided by my studies in Geography and Rural Development (from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology):

My focus, thereby, is on,
1. Having an interdependent World in all it's possible aspects.
2. A Human Centered Development

My living (in this regard), is to always engage in capacity building and experience the development process as far practical as possible.

I can't be naive about POLITICS and Social nuances. I read around and write articles on political and social ISSUES. In the realm of politics, I'm more African and Ghanaian in my thoughts; socially, I'm more National and regional in my scope. The common denominators are that I'm more self-development driven, inspirational, and critical of our socio-political issues.

And so it is with my views on Religious issues: Analysis and publication of "philo-spiritual" and Contemporary Islamic issues, are still within MY scope. My religious views are, a bit, complex to decipher (as friends have wondered): In actual fact, I'm a Conservative Muslim, with a Socio-Scientific perspective to Islamic Theosophy.

I'm ever welcoming of engagement in all these spheres of Intellectual life.

Thank you.

  • Work
    • DynSearch
  • Education
    • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
    • Salaga Senior High School
    • Salaga Presbytarian Junior High School
    • Salaga Presbytarian Primary School