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The spirit prevailing at Geopolitics Otherwise is based on our conviction that it is possible to change peacefully the course of History that has remained rigid since the end of the Second World War.

One key issue is to address public opinions. This will transcend most of the time states and their governments. The effect will not be the same with lobbies or multinationals. We propose sound and realistic solutions on how circumventing the huge and often merciless means employed by many giant international groups.

The conflicts that we are presently facing are never tackled for being solved. They stop slowly alone or they remain as ashes after having drained thousands and thousands of dead until the next resurgence.

This is also a research topic that we conduct with listing all the conflicts in the planet and then methodically propose for each conflict sound means and options for going straightforward to their solutions.

In 2013, the order inherited from the Second World War is clearly untenable. Two great countries, states, nations and people, we name Germany and Japan still remain at the stage of vanquished and hostage people. Such a scheme existed after the First World War and this has issued into the Second World War. A small country, Korea remains unduly divided just because two blocks, the US, Great Britain and France from one side, Russia and China from the other have available tons of thermonuclear weapons for maintaining a horrible and tragic balance, Sword of Damocles over the humanity.

The Middle-East and Northern Africa, breast of the whole planet for all gas and oil products is tragically and ungratefully rewarded with a full destruction and devastation that lasts since around forty years.

Last but not least, Anti-Semitism part of a wider plague that infects humanity since centuries is stronger than ever and has transformed a tiny problem in a tiny and holy land named Palestine into a bottleneck for all problems in this planet.



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