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Abdellah Hilali

Casablanca, Morocco

Abdellah Hilali

Casablanca, Morocco

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Hi Everyone.

First of all, thank you for visiting my page!

I’d like to tell you my ‘story’ so you know a bit more about who you’re connecting with, here on my Page.

Who am I ?

My name is Abdellah and I'm from Casablanca. I was born in Casablanca, the economic heart beat of Morocco, land of legendary hospitality, land where the ‘atlantic ‘ ocean, the ‘mediteranean ‘ sea, the ‘atlas and rif ‘ mountains and the ‘moroccan sahara’ desert are connected by the rivers running across the beautiful plains , living in peace and harmony across the centuries, and giving away the fourth seasons all the year.

I love everything that Money can’t buy: my Family, my Friends, the Sight and Sound of the Sea, the Sunset and the Sunrise, the Birds songs, the sound of the Rain, the Candle Light, …

I’m a People Person and this is a big part of everything I do and everything I enjoy.

I am Self employed to WORK FROM HOME as Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer & Infopreneur.

I am a chemist basic skills, I got my degree in chemistry in 1988, I also have skills in accounting, business skills with expertise in computer science, I was forced to have different skills to be able to satisfy the real needs of businesses in Morocco.

Ever since leaving university in Casablanca, I' have been involved in Business/Marketing working for several Companies in the city. The biggest problem was that most jobs do not exceed 1 or 2 years , except for the last Company, Ostrea, the job was for just over 10 years.

Then I quit my job and be self employed to


  • Work
    • Self Employed
  • Education
    • Cadi Ayad & Hassan II Universities
    • Lycee Jamal Edine El Mehyaoui