Abdelraouf ALY

Clinical Pharmacist in Egypt

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*Currently i'm living in Minia , where I studied Clinical Pharmacy at Pharmacy college. Graduated 2017.

*Nvr hoped to join pharmaceutical career but when i found myself here i decided to be the top of all.

*Hope to contine my study for ever starting with PharmD isA and be the owner of a series of giant pharmacies.

*I like drawing , swimming , writing , listening to Evanescence"Amy Lee" , playing chess , tweeting on twitter , and drinking coff "u can consider me as a coff addict :'D "

*Some people told me that i'm a titan MIND READER cuz i can penetrate their souls' barriers easily , predicting their thoughts knowing what they think towards me. That also makes me won chess easily ;)

*Don't act like a genius when u treat me cuz u dunno what i plan for.

*Nvr interested in football , PS or any other trivialities.

*Feel that there is a repulsion force between me and people but i think it's a result of my hard words , truth and direct description of my feelings towards them.

*I can appreciate u in apparent after hurting me, but still storing ur data forever.

*Learnt to be direct is the shortest way to achieve my goals.

*Not easy to convince me to ur opinion.

*When u find me in silent mode , be sure i'm preparing an awesome proof, not a weakness.

*Proud to be s!ngle cuz i won't say "I Lve You" to any girl except who will get engaged with me. Btw, there is an awesome difference between Friendly ship and Lve!

*If u wanna know me don't ask about me , just connect me :) All my accounts' links are below ..

ThanX for ur attention :):)

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