Abdiel Maldonado Márquez.

Suchiapa, Chiapas, México.

My name is Abdiel Maldonado Márquez, I was born on October 11, 1996 in Santo Domingo Petapa. In the Oaxaca state. My father is Salvador Maldonado Espinosa. and my mother is Rilda Marquez Santibáñez.

I have two brothers and one sister. I lived my first three years in a place called "Chahuitepec" is a village located on a mountain.

I went to elementary school when I was six years old. My elementary school is called "Aquíles Serdán". And my first teacher was Eneida Escobar Zarate. I remember her name because, She was my godmother in the high school. I was there for six years. I gave the farewell words to my generation.

After I went into the secondary school. My secondary school is called "Benito Juárez" I had classes of typing. There I learned to use the computer and I liked.

Later I went into the high school, it's located in a place called "El Barrio de la Soledad". Its name is CECYTE is the campus 6 in Oaxaca. Every day I traveled at school for thirty minutes in bus. I finished being technician in informatic.

Since primary school, I like the math. I decided study Mechatronics for this reason and others.

At present, I live in Tuxtla Gutierrez because my university is located in this city. I study in the Politecnica University.

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