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Amb.Abdikadir Aden Hassan

Garissa, Kenya, East Africa

Abdikadir Aden Hassan is an award winning Young Kenyan Environmentalist who has for 9 good years advocated and worked with young people in bringing social changes in the society. His Personal vision is to be a truly committed young person to the environment and to bringing other people to a deeper understanding of environmental issues locally, nationally, regionally and globally through the young people. At the age of 26 years, he has achieved milestone achievements. He is a young leader who has exhibited a big change for his society with a big passion for his community, committed and dedicated to every step he makes in giving back to his people as a youth worker. At such a young age, he has made a significant contribution to the protection and sustainable management of the environment and natural resources from local, national and to global level. In the commemoration of Kenya at 50, Abdikadir got a Head of State Commendation from His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta for his conservation efforts and contributing to the environmental sustainability and peace development in Kenya. His main goal is to empower the society with environmental awareness, knowledge and promotion of green living for sustainable development and a better future. He is a dynamic youth who has made significant contributions to development especially in his home country and in Africa in general in the field environmental protection and a messenger of peace.
He comes from an arid and semi-arid region that has over decades been adversely affected by change in climate, Abdikadir has had had real life experiences in its major effects. As a beneficiary of the future generation, he realized that as a young person, he had a big role to play in sustainably managing our environment. With the fast growing population of Garissa County and Kenya in general, natural resources such as forests and wildlife are under threat. This is as a result of communities aching livelihoods from natural resources. To ensure balance of nature and combating global warming, Abdikadir has come up with a different approach of engaging the young people to safeguard it and utilize their capacities for community development. This has been a long journey.
Coming from an area that has fallen victim of youth unemployment and radicalization, He has engaged the young people positively in shaping their future and thus

  • Work
    • Peace, Environment and Development Ambassador
  • Education
    • Young Muslim Primary School