Abdillahi 2015


A Kenya-Somali born and raised in Mombasa. Brought up at a time when the young were be radicalised I myself included. I will dedicate my experience in the fight against Radicalisation. The ISIS and Alshabab ideology is laughable – except it’s not funny. People seem to think that they(ISIS and Alshabab) represent the majority of Muslims, but a lot of what they do is against Islamic principles. Kenyans need to build relationships with communities, not just Muslim ones, make them feel comfortable so that if they have concerns, they can have a quiet word without finding armed police breaking down their neighbours' doors. People in leadership positions in schools/universities should make sure their staff understand radicalisation, have the capabilities to deal with it, are aware of how important this duty is and can implement it effectively.Currently undertaking a Degree in Information and Technology. In love with Programming and Databases to a point of return0; and getchar();I love Ma country especially our people who are thee most welcoming and understanding people. Kenya is on the rise and faster growing and surely Kenya is the best country in Africa.💗💗

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