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Kabir A

I am an ICT engineer by profession and I’ve been involved in Technology consulting for over seven years. I am driven by the challenges of the developing world, and how technology can be used to provide silver bullet solutions. I find myself often involved in a mix of technology, social, developmental and the artistic . To me, real solutions are often a mix of the above and some more. The best solutions come from within the people and not from far way.

I am currently a development volunteer, with an ambitious state government in Nigeria, West Africa ; Providing strategic advice and support on Technology , Education, Youth Empowerment , communications and Social Solutions. One of such solutions, is Opon Imo, a revolutionary low cost e-learning tablet, for high school students access all learning contents: Textbooks , Tutorials and Past Questions. Opon Imo provides uniform access to learning material for students regardless of locations or means. The state government of Osun in Nigeria, is in the process of distributing 150,000 units of these. The solution is the second of it’s type in the world, and the first adapted solution for Africa.

When not at work, I like travelling , informal debate and perhaps causing a bit of trouble. My Skills include Strategic Planning , Process Improvement , Facilitation , System Analysis and Design, project management.