Abdelrahman Ewis

An Egyptian Human :D , Born in 1 July at Saudi Arabia , Mass communication's Student at Al-Azhar University , Web Master from 2006 to present , Owner or founder of "Alkrwan.com, Misspass.net" , Have a Little experience in "HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript" BUT I have a plan to be a web developer & Professional IT so i have to make it a big experience Soon ISA :)) , A good Designer (Photoshop), Follow any tech topics , Interesting in Android & iOS , from my childhood till now i can't stop love Anime & Cartoon , So You can say that i'm big Fan :D , some words sum up all previous words (IT, Web, Programming, Social Media, Cartoon .. etc)

Note: I have to renew these short biography soon with real experience ISA , But i need your pray to i can reach my goal by Allah will ^^