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Abdelrhman Hussam

Web Developer and Project Manager in Minya, Egypt

Abdelrhman Hussam Ahmed Ryad


Programming and Graphic Skills

• Web Programming : Very good In ( ASP.Net , CSS , HTML , JavaScript , PHP) and Excellent In ( C++)

• Desktop App Development : Experienced in developing Desktop using C#.Net

• Databases: Excellent In(MSSQL and MYSQL)

• Dealing to Databases: using (ADO.Net, Entity Framework Technology)

• Design Patterns: Familiar with (n-Tier Architecture)


• Member at Dynamic team. One of the founders of team (Moshklty Heya at Minya University).


• XRestaurant (Provides helpful GUI for the cashier in Restaurant and Cafés to reserve orders , pay and print bills).

• Pharmacy Manager (Software engineering Project which have all necessary to make the project like UML Diagrams and Use Cases).

• XPharmacy (Provides helpful GUI for the cashier in pharmacy to reserve orders , give us pay without print bills , by C# and C++).

• Hospital Web site( that used wearable my Graduation Team and me made this wearable that’s had the ability to get The heart pressure ,ECD waves , heart pulse and Temperature)using ASP.NET and SQL Server 2012 visual stadio 2013.

  • Work
    • Dynamic Team
  • Education
    • el minia el thanawya el gededa
    • (FCI) faculty of computers and information