Abdelrahman Moselhi


SomeSay: he's meamo compatible
SomeSay: he's "fa4el fe l drasa and proud ^.*
SomeSay: his tears are adhesive
SomeSay: if he caught fire he would burn 1000 days
SomeSay: that the outline of his left nipple is exactly the same shape as the nurburgring
SomeSay: he sleeps upside down like a bat
SomeSay: he's real facebook password is incorrect and try it
SomeSay: his sweat can be used to clean precious metals
SomeSay: his skin has the texture of dolphins
SomeSay: if you tune your radio to 56734fm you can actually hear his thoughts
SomeSay: he does not see like human do, instead he sees numbers in green scrolling down
SomeSay: he is scared of bells
SomeSay: he study at mansoura college #IGCSE
SomeSay: he's "mortabt bs hia m4 mortabeta beih"
SomeSay: he is one of real anonymous hackers
SomeSay: he break down 1000 miles drifting with Aventador lp700-4
SomeSay: his first name really is "3ebo"
SomeSay: his politics terrifying
SomeSay: he's internet lover
SomeSay: he thought star wars was a documentary
SomeSay: he's mobile no. 01120-565-242 and 0106-719-718-5 is private no.
SomeSay: that when there's a really important job to do , he skives off to play croquet
SomeSay: he was rasied by wolves
SomeSay: he never get A or A* in school
SomeSay: he's a pro. designer
SomeSay: he won the best car drifter in egypt
SomeSay: he appears on high-value stamps in sweden
SomeSay: he has no understanding of clouds
SomeSay: his earwax tastes like turkish delight
SomeSay: he is confused by stars
SomeSay: he naturally faces magnetic north
SomeSay: he's really work @ Design Contest
SomeSay: he is illegaly in Mansoura
SomeSay: his heart ticks like a watch
SomeSay: all his legs are hydraulic
SomeSay: he can "accumbularate"
SomeSay: he appears on japanese banknotes
SomeSay: there is an airport in russia named after him

  • Education
    • MansouraCollege