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Abdramane Coulibaly

New York, New York, United States

Hello and welcome! My name is Abdramane Coulibaly, and I am from a small country, known as the world's leading producer of cocoa beans, Cote d'Ivoire. I currently reside in New York City, and I am a student at Brooklyn College, pursuing my BBA in International Business with a minor in Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship (expected graduation date: Spring, 2016). As an aspiring Business-oriented individual, with the determination of establishing my own business, I recently challenged myself, and founded a relatively medium-scale entertainment company under the name Young Hollywood Family Entertainment, Inc (DOS ID #: 4819831). Within just few months I was able to build, lead and maintain a team of twelve individuals, whose mission would be, "to creatively reflect the image of the African Diaspora to the general public throughout the company's diverse media platforms". More information on Y.H.F Entertainment can be obtain from the Facebook page: yhfentertainment.

STUDY IN CHINA: In addition, just past this summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to re-live the ancient Chinese Silk Road, through an amazing study abroad program in the mainstream of the People Republic of China. The ancient Silk Road was essential the first essential protocol for international trade, connecting one side of the world (the West) to another (the East). Moreover, having the opportunity to study in China's five greatest cities, enable me to broaden my understand of not just ancient commerce, but also modern innovation tactics that breaks a county or business free from lack of innovation to a modern-state, in order for it to compete at a global-scale.

As a young ambitious and highly energetic individual, my ultimate goal is to invest my accumulated experience, knowledge, and humane characteristics in a company, while participating in its growth. The world is a global village, and only those who think globally will prevail.

  • Education
    • Brooklyn College