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Abdul Hamid

Riau - Yogyakarta - Indonesia

an ordinary man who always learn and observing the world, Then I could survive to live my dreams in this complicated world. I believe in every single step that I took will going impactful for my life better. I believe in my dream, someone said i'm a dreamer. "a man with dream is a man with power", dream will be only dream if we don't have any effort to make it real. sometimes I'm a quotes addict for me it's such an energizer.

currently, i'm working for a foundation that focus in educating people. I learn a lot how to understanding people, how to respect others how to manage time. etc. honestly, it's too fast for me to get a lof it. but, as time goes by everythings alright.

I learn about something that make me crazy for almost a year, yet I didn't found the sense of learning but now it's turning 180 I heart with the major " Animal Science". The fact : Love is creted, love is basic things in doin everything. and I wanna be an expert one in my major. :)

I'm an AIESECer. AIESEC is an international organisation run by student and consist in 110 countries around the world. it's amaze to be part of it. I join AIESEC which has LC in my University. experiencing youth conference and everythings inside made me more open minded person. everythings we do in AIESEC is same with what will we face tomorrow in real life an when we work. amazing isn't ?

I'm an amateur journalist in my college, so I need to learn and learn through following organisation in faculty and university scale. I'm following two organisation which has focus in journalism both are : Gallusia and Bulaksumur UGM. hope, someday I will be a news anchor or someone who good in writing. think good.

additional of me : a Young entrepreneur, bike addict, I heart social and cultural act.

  • Work
    • Ali Maksum Foundation
  • Education
    • Animal Science and Industry Gadjah Mada University.