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Abdul Khan

Coventry United Kingdom

"I have been a marketing consultant for four years, working with clients who turnover £100m/year to clients who are working on startup business concepts that are pre-profit.

I have been fortunate to work with brands that are disrupting their markets and innovating to penetrate further sales.

I have a resource team that can work on your brand completely, we can take your current marketing strategies and mould them for the web. From rebuilding your website, managing or training you on social media (online reputation building) and helping you set budgets for localised online adverts.

I can also look at your current web strategy and provide you with a report of my recommendations. Connect with me for more details."

In 2011-2012 Abdul was selected by Virgin Media Pioneers to conduct research for the Government on the support needed to encourage youth enterprise. This research was submitted as the 'Control Shift Report' in November 2011. He focused his research on Seed Capital (early stage investment) where he was quoted "I could get a loan to do a two year degree in enterprise, but not a loan to start my own business." This became the foundation of the Youth Investment Fund.

The Youth Investment Fund received £10m in March 2012 to start a pilot scheme in making finance available for 16-25 year old aspiring entrepreneurs. The scheme is now known as the Start-Up Loans Company and currently has a budget of £117.5m.

  • Work
    • Enterprise Coach
  • Education
    • BA Management & Marketing