Abdul Reda

New York NY USA

It's easy to love a concept, but it's an entirely different endeavor to create one. To mold it into a sort of quazi-religion, constantly fortifying, rectifying, justifying, and demolishing it until the final product fits the perfection you sought out to achieve. All the while thinking you are trying to perfect it, while 'it' is actually perfecting you. It pushes the limits of your competency, often laughing at your temporary ineptness until the drive, which got you there in the first place, is wildly infuriated to the point of utter madness, somehow allowing you the sudden clarity to push past those boundaries and into the realm of the next bottleneck. But 'it' wasn't doing anything, the product is always a reflection of its maker. The difficulty of such often thwarting the desire to innovate. Yet the hurricane speeds at which the world hurls barriers at you is part of its devious charm. But is it worth all the trouble? To aspire for a role, a lifestyle, that is constantly grinding you to the brink of a heart attack, sometimes madness, months of works seeming like the collected effort of a 6-year old. Unquestionably yes, because life is about constantly evolving, breaking the old for the new, and reinveting yourself for its next chapter. Who am I? A Matryoshka hoping to find its center. How I hope for that to translate into my craft is embodied by a single adjective, impassioned.

  • Work
    • Product Strategy Consulant @ SHAREty.co
  • Education
    • Fordham University