Abdulaziz Ali Said Al-Jahdhami

Muscat, Masqat, Oman

Biography in ONE-MINUTE :

Sometimes I wish to be the citizen of the world, and say I was born and raised in a piece of land that belongs to the mother Earth, that is the Sultanate of Oman, the plain, silent and blessed country doesn't allow me to be what is known as cosmopolitan. It was my late teenage period that aired an automatic light within me and started to open my eyes naturaly, and the windows of world view keep opening their shutter ever since. I take interest in scoba diving, adventuring through the mountain, in people (anthropologically), photography (landscape), visual and creative arts, traveling around the world and thinking about the society, that's the only starting point I could make.

I was as common as other kids around the world in terms of growing up. I studied in governmental school, graduated from collage in IT field. Later I found peace in taking photography of nature, objects and people. Aesthetic or the beauty of things that are beautiful sorround me strike me the most especially natural ones. Sports concern me as well, particularly martial arts, I took class and learned many of the techniques. It is my earnest advise to the up-coming fathers, to train their children in martial arts, not only for physical benifits but also dicipline.

The medium of my journey of the knowledge (which has no any destinaton) is through history and the means of books, it reminds me the saying by a Jewish reformist B. Spinoza ''If you want the present to be different from the past, study the past''. I was inspired by National Geography documentary series Taboo, which instilled me in the study of anthropology, ( I like to learn independently) about culture to culture, human and societies around the globe. Why do certain community behaive in certain way whilst others don't, and human's origin (Theory of Evolution) and their relationship etc. these interest me a lot.

And I'm concerned about classic and contemporary men's style or fashion too, I may not describe myself as a gentleman, that is up to the beholders, at least I try be, LOL.

Well, my dear folks, I can write more and more as anyone could about their personal biographies (chuckles!) I wish not to take more of your valuable time, (I tried to make it one-minute read). That's it for now about myself, I'm actually interested about your ideas of life. In the last I wanna say ''Know me, as I Would Know You in Time. Later We might be Friends''.

Thanks, always!

  • Work
    • Petroleum Development Oman
  • Education
    • Higher College of Technology Information and communications technology