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Abdul Basith

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Abdul Basith

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hello Random Citizen,

See the Smiling Zeylanican behind ya?? That's me. I am a Striver, with a very healthy approach to life. In case you wanna get close to me beware I have tons of infectious energy and lots of natural enthusiasm. Knowledge is wonderful! Information, intoxicating to me. I have a curiosity that needs feeding and quite possibly an imagination to go with it. Feeding my brain is one of life's little pleasures in my book.

I am a Stupid Nerd at Missouri University of Science and Technology. People, Psychology and weirdo facts fascinate me. A great admirer of Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein...

Trying to figure out what to do with life and its never ending possibility... Taking daring steps to figure out who I really am... If you wanna join me in the quest of finding yourself.. Then jump right in...

So Now you know a bit of me..lets get to know Each other.. Shoot me a mail right now..!!!

OH.. and I forgot.. Marketing, Advertising, Creativity.. New things.. are my thing..!! BTW.. I do work part time Guess where?? No that's wrong...

I love the sea..