Abdul Chybli


For the last 15 years, Abdul Chybli has served as the owner and manager of Sole to Soul Footwear, which has three Calgary locations. The Canadian enterprise offers assistance to health care professionals in treating disorders of the lower extremity through custom-molded orthotics and shoes. The firm also offers a full range of comfortable shoes for everyday casual and dress situations. Abdul Chybli manages his Sole to Soul Footwear locations’ full range of purchasing and bookkeeping activities. His orthotics laboratory’s efforts in improving diabetic foot conditions and minimizing the incidence of amputations have earned it an Alberta People’s Choice award.

An avid traveler, Mr. Chybli has visited a number of Mediterranean countries, including Lebanon, Greece, Italy, and Egypt. He has a particular interest in the ancient Roman aqueducts and historical buildings still standing throughout Italy, counts Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines among his favorites, and is proficient in making home-brewed cappuccino. Passionate about soccer, Abdul Chybli enjoys coaching his children in youth leagues.